Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking It Out In Faith... Step by Step...

Today the sun shone down on us despite the crisp air.  The blue sky was like a smile from heaven looking down on the line of people reaching across the lot.  We drove into the lot and the line was already out to the side walk.  People gathered across the street in anticipation for the food that was on its way.  Some people sat up against the fence that  lines the lot waitting to see the actual truck before they made their way to the back of the line.  The volunteers gather around for a few quick words before reaching out to hold hands in prayer for the day to unfold, "Your Will be done on North First Street! Amen!" 

As soon as the prayer is finsihed, the back of the trailer is opened and like little ants marching along, the tables are carted out, followed by the bins of plates, napkins, cups, food.... bin after bin are unloaded and organized along the tables.  Once everyone is in their place ready to serve... Keith jumps up on the tailgate of the little red pickup truck and addresses the eager faces in the long line.  He takes off his hat and begins to pray in Jesus name... thanking for God's provision, for the safety of all our lunch guests, and for the amazing grace that only God can give! He shares in less than a minute the stoyr of the feeding of the 5,000 and shares the fact that a man last week who was prayed for got a job this week!  The crowd shouted out "Amens, and Jesus!!" and before we knew it, the food line was started.  Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, hot dogs, apples, pears, homemade cookies, sheet cakes, and "Don's Donuts" were on the menu today.  But what stuck out in my mind this week was the "How" of how it comes about.....

There is no manual for this stuff..... we just try so hard to listen to the lead that God is giving
us and it looks something like this. 
  • I go to Cash n Carry and ask God... how much do week need? And God replies "Four Boxes of Pasta, 5 large bags of cheese, butter, milk, and 10 aluminum roasting pans.
  • I go home and ask God... how much should I cook? And God replies, "Keep cooking until it is all gone."
  • "Where will I store it all after it is cooked God?"..... and He replies, "In the 10 aluminum pans... put them in the freezer. .... You know, the freezer that I just brought you this week that someone donated...."
  • "But how will I warm them all up in the morning Lord?"...."Ask your neighbors if you can use their ovens... and don't forget the 4 roasting pans that I provided for you."
  • "O.K. God, so I did all of that... but we are just about ready to go and I don't have enough room to transport them all down to North First Street."....."Pour all of the pans of Macaroni and Cheese into the 36 gallon rubber bin and serve it out of that."
  • So...... We did..... and it was so heavy that the neighbor man had to come and help Keith lift it.  It truly had to be over 100 pounds because the two of us couldn't lift it.  "But Lord, isn't this too much food? I have never in my life seen this much Macaroni in my life...."
The rest of the story..... We got down to the lot and when it was said and done, we had served over 200 people.  There was nothing left over.... 250 hot dogs, over 100 pounds of homemade mac n' cheese, apples, pears, desserts...

  • "Lord, that was crazy!!! There were so many people and they were so thankful and they are smiling more!"...... God replies, "I knew there would be.... and that is why I had you make so much... I love them as much as I love you and I want them to know me...."
In my heart of hearts I know without a doubt that they feel Jesus' presence!  I know that they feel His love and that layer by layer; like a huge Walla Walla Sweet onion- their layers are peeling off.  Little by little, week by week they are opening up to the love of Jesus!  You can see it in their smile, in their hugs, in their renewed hope.... even if for some it is just enabling them to hang on a little longer.... Some may peel fast, and some may take years... but no matter what.... the layers are peeling.

Thank You Jesus for speaking to each one of us... for guiding us and leading us along this path called "life".  Thank You for being so specific as to the amount of "cheese to buy" or the right person to offer a certain coat to.  Lord, You know their needs and You know our needs and You have not forgotten any of us..... Thank You Jesus for being my guide.. my Light!!! In Jesus Holy Name, Amen! :0)

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  1. Man I am blessed by this post! God is faithful! Thanks for sharing :)