Sunday, May 5, 2013

Alabaster Jar....

Today had such a sweet sweet aroma of Jesus on North First Street. It was the first Sunday of the months so our numbers were much lower than last week. The pace was slower…we had more time to visit with people and to spend some time with our much loved volunteers. Some weeks are so hurried and frenetic but today was slower…. More gentle. There were a lot of laughter smiles… probably had a lot to do with the fact that many of the people down there had received their money for the month so they were not as desperate. They were hungry, but not as desperate. And as always….they were very grateful and thankful. Keith and I were also very grateful and thankful. Alicia and Tricia’s prayer group brought awesome Taco Salad and with the awesome extra dishes that come rolling in (Thank you Amy!!)….people had plenty of food. It is such a blessing when people help out with the food because it means that I get much more of a weekend and I appreciate it so much (as does our family!). The toilet paper, bottled water, soap, and apples as well as yummy desserts all come together into this wonderful banquet before the Lord each week. It is so cool to watch unfold. Keith and I felt like this week was a wonderful day of giving thanks to the Lord for what He has done. We had time to visit with our volunteers and take some time to share what the Lord has done this past month both with our North St. friends as well as with His wonderful provision. Last week Keith and Scott prayed with a couple of guys for bikes….Well we had just provided a few bikes the previous couple weeks so I thought…good luck! Oh yee of little faith (yes… that would be me). When we got home last week, one of Keith’s friends text him and said that he and his wife felt like the Lord wanted them to donate two brand new mountain bikes!! Schnikees!!!! God is so so cool!!! The bikes went to two gentlemen who have jobs in the valley and it will ease the stress in their lives very much. So…..this week comes and another guys asks about a bike…so…..Keith calls Scott over and says, “Brother….we need to pray for another bike” lol!!! God is so funny….each time the person asking for the bike says, “ya sure… I’ll pray”. So needless to say…. Scott and Keith prayed for a bike and a bike with a gas motor on it! Hey… nothing is too hard for God!!! A lady from the River who I had not seen for a couple of months came by today. I was so happy to see her. She didn’t look that great so I knew that my hunch was probably right on…I hadn’t seen her…just her boyfriend each week….translated…she was struggling with drugs badly and couldn’t get it together to walk the ¾ mile to where we were. I didn’t care though. I was so happy to see her and see that she was alive. Her t-shirt was filthy dirty and she was just wearing shorts and flip flops. “Can you get me some things to wear?” she asked, “this is all I have to my name and my feet are covered in blisters.” Whatever binge she had been on had taken its toll. Her face was streaked with dirt and sores….but thankfully she wasn’t out of it. I gathered together clothes and a bag for her and presented it to her with a big hug. I told her that if she ever wanted help getting into rehab or just needed help getting somewhere safe to call me. “I love you,” came so easily over my lips. It doesn’t matter that she has been drugged up for two months or that she hadn’t had a shower in who knows how long….I felt like the Lord just reached down from heaven and through me….He made His words flow out of my mouth. She was so thankful….she may not be ready to head down the scary road of rehab but she does know that she has friends and that Jesus loves her so much!! She has a lot of mental health issues that hopefully will be treated sooner than later. She is in God’s hands for sure! It has been really fun to see some of our students come down this spring to get their school service hours. We appreciate their help so much! It is a great opportunity for them to see life from a different perspective and a great for us to have the extra hands . This morning Keith went down to the Mission early to set up the tables in the parking lot. A few guys came out to help and one of them was a guy who gave his life to the Lord a few weeks ago. This time he came with his friend, “See this is the guy I was telling you about.” Keith shook his hand and asked him if he needed anything. The young man sheepishly said no, but his friend jumped in encouragingly and told him that Keith could help him with whatever he needed or at least would try. At this point the conversation took a wonderful turn and the saved young man began to witness to his friend about how awesome God was and how everything they were talking about was really true. Keith said it was so neat to see this young man praise God and give the glory to God as he spoke to his buddy. God is making a difference. He is changing lives. He is changing atmospheres. He is changing hearts and souls. He is changing each and every one of us… beautiful ways. This morning I was thinking that the person whom I identify most with in the bible is probably Mary Magdalene. Keith and I were listening to CeCe Winans’ song “Alabaster Jar”. It is a song that tells how Mary Magdalene took her jar of very expensive perfume and poured it lovingly over Jesus’ feet and she wiped his feet with her hair. Before this event, Mary had been a prostitute who did not feel worthy of the gift that Jesus offered. Jesus had cast 7 demons out of her and freed her from the hell that she had lived in. He offered a new life…He offered her salvation! In receiving His forgiveness….she must have felt such overwhelming gratitude and thanks. She knew what she was then….and how close to hell she had been….She knew what a HUGE MASSIVE GIFT Jesus had given her….In a wave of incredible gratefulness….she poured the most beautiful, extravagant thing she could fine…..all over her sweet Jesus’ feet. I feel like Mary…..I feel so incredibly thankful and humbled by what the Lord has done for me… is pure JOY serving on North First Street….it is like taking the alabaster jar each week and pouring sweet perfume on Jesus’ feet. Thank You Jesus for saving me from the hell that I deserved….It is an honor Dear Lord to share Your Love! In Jesus Name—Amen! :0)

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  1. Thank you for doing something for the least of Jesus's brothers (and for Him!) (Matt. 25:40).