Monday, February 20, 2012

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So what does walking in the spirit look like?  I can't give you the 100% complete definition, but I know that by sharing with you Keith's afternoon.... you will get a better idea of what it looks like.  Keith left the house to "run errands" about 1:00.  He returned about 5:30 with some amazing stories so I would like to share them with you.  Keith had to deliver some equipment today in the lower valley and then on his way home he thought he might go hit some golf balls at the golf course since it was so pritty out.  He asked the Lord what He had for Keith today and which way he should head home.  Well.... Keith felt the Lord prompting him to go down first street and to stop at the restaurant that lets us use their parking lot on Sundays.  He stopped by and talked to the owner and his family, thanking them for the kindness that they have extended us.  Keith bought some tacos from them and went on his way.  Again he asked the Lord which way he should go... the way he went just happened to be the way that went by two of our homeless friends that we had visited with on Sunday.  Keith pulled up and offered them the tacos.  They were so happy- their faces lit up like a light bulb.  "We saw you over there!" they exclaimed.  "God Bless you!" yelled Keith as he drove off.
      As Keith continued down the road he saw a man trying to get across traffic with his wheel chair.  As Keith got closer he could see that the man had one leg amputated and was using his good foot to get across the street.  Keith pulled off and parked in the nearby apartment parking lot.  As the man approached, Keith could see that he was an older black man holding a carton of eggs.  They struck up a conversation and Keith asked him, "What do you need?" The old man replied, "Nothing."  After explaining that God sent him and that He has not forgotten the old man, Keith said, "Now, will you please tell me what you need?"  The man said that he could use some food.  He had just gone to the mini mart and gotten some eggs but he said that he only had 4 boxes of cereal and some milk.  Keith asked, "What would you buy that is a treat for you?"  The man replied, "Strawberry Icecream."  Keith asked if he liked steak... and the man said that he hadn't had it for 3 months.  Keith got in the car and grabbed a box of clothes that were there from the past Sunday.  He gave the man the clothes and said he would be back.  As Keith was walking to the car, the man said, "This is a good day."  Keith zipped to Safeway on 5th. and gathered some groceries then returned to the old man's apartment.  Out came two grown boys and a woman who Keith later found out were his sons and wife.  They helped with the groceries then the old man  rolled his chair out with Keith.  They talked a bit about Jesus and then Keith asked the wife what she needed.  She was twitching like a lot of the druggies that we see on Sundays as were the boys.  The wife replied to Keith , "I don't need anything."  Keith spoke boldly and said, "Look, the Lord sent me to come here so it is like God sent you an angel so will you please tell me what you need?"  The woman's guard fell and she softened with a smile, "Clothes, I could use some clothes."  Keith told them he would see them later in the week. "God Bless you!" he said.  "Thank you" the old man called out, "This has been a very good day."...... "This has been a very good day,"  this statement makes my heart smile. 
     When you walk in the spirit, you never know what the Lord is going to ask you to do or what you will encounter... the awesome thing is that you have a really good chance of making someone's day, "really good."  I want to live my life this way... I want to go through my day following the Lord's lead, being sensitive to His voice.  I do not share this to boast about how Keith is "all that" (even though I think he is because he's my husband lol)  No... I share this because I boast on the Lord... I want to be God's cheeerleader, to share how amazing it is when we follow His lead.  How "the little things" of God make incredible differences in people's hearts.   We all have access to this.  The Lord tells us in  Hebrew 4:7  “Today if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”  Lord I pray that you will help my heart to soften and stay soft... that you will help me to hear your voice and put your request into action!  Give me strength to be bold, to reach out, to put my self out there as your servant.  In Jesus Holy Name... Amen

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