Monday, February 27, 2012

After The Curtain Is Down....

 (This is part 2 of a 2 part blog. Part 1 of 2  is the blog right below this one :0)  We have no idea what happens after we leave North 1st Street.  We do not know where our friends go, what they do, or what impact we have made on them.  We all pack up our things, close the trailer door, hop in our cars and head back to our own homes.  This past Sunday we were able to see some more fun "God sightings" after we packed up.  As you read in the previous blog, we ordered tacos from "George's" taco place.  Well after we got back home and unloaded, we had to go back and pay George for the tacos which led us right back down to North 1st Street.  When we first got down to George's he was very busy getting orders for people so he invited us into the kitchen to sit and wait until he was ready.  It was nice and toasty warm and was also fun watching George and his wife cook up wonderful food.  When George had a free moment- he came over and asked if we would like some tacos to take home so of course we said, "Sure!"  He fixed us up two nice orders and then it was time to pay our bill and go.  We settled our debt with George and then asked if we could pray for him and his wife.  They were more than happy to pray with us.  What a wonderful sight to see- the four of us with our arms around each others shoulders, heads bowed, giving glory to God and asking for prosperity for George and his wife's business.  Big hugs were exchanged and then we were off headed back towards home. 
      Keith looked at me and said, "You know now we need to find someone to bless with these tacos."  A big smile came over my face because I knew that was what he was going to say.... it is so fun walking in the spirit!  We made our way up the road and stopped at a motel where an older man lives with his wife.  We had some clothes to drop off to them that we had promised.  They lived in a tiny little motel room that was very full, but their smiles beamed through the darkness of the night with thanks and blessings!  Who says you have to have a lot to be filled with joy?  As long as Jesus is in the mix, the other details don't seem quite so necessary.   We continued down the road to a different motel where we had to drop off some school supplies- (Long story- but we met them at least a month ago and had school supplies for them then...but some how they were lost in the hustle bustle of North 1st Street) Let's just say the supplies were long overdue.  Five children sat playing video games in a darkened motel room... so happy to get the supplies.... that was home... I take a lot for granted.  It never ceases to "hit me in the gut" every time I see the conditions many people live in.  Needless to say- we said, "Bless you guys and be safe!" then off we went down the street. (Never a dull moment lol) 
     Well.... remember the tacos?  Yes... we still had to find who was going to be treated to some yummy tacos.  It didn't take long to spot a young man walking down the other side of the street with his backpack on... "Yep- he's one of ours," Keith said-  The young man was just getting ready to cross the street under the street light when we pulled up with our window rolled down.  "Hey man- are you hungry?  Would you like some food?" "Ya!  Thanks!! Wow-  what do you guys do just drive around looking for people to give stuff to?" responded the young man.  We laughed and said, "Sort of"  The guy replied, "You just made the worst day of my life better."  Our mouths about dropped down to our feet.  We asked what was going on and he told us how he had just had a big fight with his girlfriend.  He said that he left his infant baby and girlfriend because he did not want to have a "domestic".  He knew that it would escalate and he would wind up in jail so he left the place with his backpack and headed out on the streets.  It was obvious that he was really shaken up.  We praised him over and over again for the really good choice that he made by getting out before something got out of hand and then Keith asked if we could pray for him.  With heads bowed and Keith's hand on his shoulder, we prayed for strength, wisdom, for his little baby, and for a peaceful reconciliation with his girl.  He thanked us again and with tears in his eyes walked off.  (Again.. this is so not about us!  And it is SO SO all about God and how great He is... How great it is to walk in His Spirit.... and how being a christian really is anything but "boring".   :0)
     Well... as you know- there is still one box of tacos left... Hmmmm who is going to get to eat the last box of yummy tacos?  We kept heading in the direction of home and before we knew it there was a friendly man standing on the corner with a sign... and a dog... Now it was my turn... I rolled down my window and held out the box of tacos- "Hi-  would you like some yummy tacos for dinner?"  He gave the biggest smile and whopped- "Yes indeed!-"  It was great to see him so thrilled and I have to admit... I felt quite a rush of pure joy also!!! Well..... we headed on home and settled in with our own dinner and routines of the evening, but no matter what... we couldn't help but think of what a fun day it had been!  Thank you Jesus for teaching me every day how great it is to walk with You!! I love You! In Jesus Name- Amen!!! :0)