Sunday, January 6, 2013

God Logic....

Psalm 40:5  says, "Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done.  The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare."

I agree!!!! They are way to many to declare and I think we actually only know a fraction of the incredible wonders that God does all around us every day!!! It is God Logic at work all the time...24/7 and it simply blows me away every darn time!

Here are some examples of God Logic....In my  mind I am so thankful that we have a Suburban and a little pick-up truck because I think that we got them for Keith's business. "Oh what a blessing!".....but God Logic says, "So you think you got the vehicles for work hu??  Oh sure you will be able to use them for work, but what you will really need them for is for transporting boxes of clothes, food, tables, and garbage cans down to North 1st. every week to feed my people."  "Oh ya, and I will also throw in a little trailer so that you can pack it to the top each week when you go to visit my friends and tell them that I have not forgotten them."

I feel so blessed because 3 years ago God set Keith up in a nice little shop with a main floor and an upstairs, then 3 months ago Keith was able to also rent the little warehouse next to it.  The warehouse house a little upstairs and a great big work area and work bench.  Perfect for loading and unloading his medical equipment..... God Logic...."Yes I will set you up with an appropriate work space, but the extra room will be used for something completely different....You will use it to load an unload the boxes of clothes so that you can sort and re-distribute the clothes that I bring you.  You will also be able to store them here for my people." 

God Logic adds...."And with the work place, you will have access to 3 dumpsters because I know that a lot of garbage is generated when you are feeding my people."

Further evidence of God Logic.....Keith goes down to Cash-n-Carry this morning to pick up chili to go with our hot dogs.  While he is down there he changes his mind and grabs chips... no big deal right??? Wrong... God Logic steps in.....The checker asks what Keith is doing with all of the chips so he shares what we do on Sundays.  The checker gives him a 50% discount on the chips and says, "Could you use some frozen food?"  He then proceeds to give Keith over $1500 dollars worth of frozen food that was supposed to be picked up by the food bank but wasn't.  What???? Who does that???? Who gives someone chicken, pastrami, seafood, etc. for free???  God Logic says, "You thought you were going for this reason...but really you are going down there for My reason...which is always the best reason!"

For the last 9 months there has  been one particular man down on North 1st street who has managed to annoy almost all of the regular volunteers at one time or another.  He is homeless for some unusual reasons and seems to hoard whatever he can get his hands on.  He is persistent, appears greedy, and forceful......  Up until recently Keith and I wondered when God was going to change this man.  When was God going to soften his heart and teach him some manners???  God Logic says...."This man is not here so that I can fix him ....he is there to show you that your hearts need the surgery."  Within a matter of seconds it became clear to us that God was working on all of our (the volunteers) hearts ...we went from waiting to observe God's surgery on this man's heart to being the ones on the surgical table getting operated on.  God Logic.... who knew???

I go through my days and weeks trying so hard to plan out the details... to make my lists and make sure that I have prepared for whatever is to come...I set short term goals and long term goals....Since I am a speech therapist..I try to "fix" my students.  When I come upon difficult cases, I pour myself into trying to figure out how to make their world better....What I am learning though is that God asks me to do certain things and if I would just do what He asks....then He can handle the rest..  Yes that is right...God is saying that He really does have it all covered....even better, bigger, and more creative than I could ever imagine!!!  All I have to do is listen to Him and trust Him...He really does have it all covered!!

Thank You Jesus for having an amazing Big Plan! A plan that is bigger, and better, and funner (I know "more fun"), and wiser, and funnier, and more radical than I could ever imagine!!! Lord please help me to trust Your ways and to enjoy this crazy adventure that we are doing together called life.  I love You Lord with all my heart and pray that I will continue to listen, learn, love, and serve You the best I can.  In Jesus Holy Name... Amen!  :0)

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