Sunday, January 8, 2012

One More Thing....

And one more thought..... It would be so horrible to tormented day and night by an addiction... your entire day and night would be ruled by how you were going to get it, what you would have to do to get it, where you would get it,  if you would have enough of it..... it would be a living, waking, walking hell that would hold you in oppression... it would push down on you like a bully holding your head down in a toilet bowl-  swishing and swirling- only letting you up long enough to take a quick breath and then back down again....  I am blessed to not have something so obvious oppressing me, but I can't help but wonder what little things in my life  I let oppress me, obcess me.... rule me.. on a much more understated level????   Are there thoughts that I focus on day and night??? Are there things that I rely on for a "fix" that I can't wait to get to??? Are there things that I go out of my way for to make sure and put in my day because it makes my day easier.... less painful.... more handleable.... I am not shootiing up or drinking a fifth a day... but I can easily be oppressed by depression to the point of dysfunction-  thankfully there are legal medications for that!  Depression, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, hatred, complaining, judging, comparing- are all oppressive things that hold us back from being who God made us to be.  Just like an addict needs Jesus to break the addiction-  We need Jesus to break those things that oppress us.   I need to rely less on food, t.v., cookies, facebook, candy bars, my latte, (and did I mention just chocolate in general) to relieve the oppressive feelings and rely on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be the one to help me through those times....Lord Jesus- Please give us the strength to fall to our knees before you first before we open one more candy bar or grab one more... ( you fill in the blank  :0)    in Jesus Holy Name-  Amen!

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